T H E   S T R O N G E S T   H E A R T S

Saving dogs is our greatest passion at the Canine Connection.

Our rescue/sanctuary has been raw feeding for 9 years and we are true believers of its health benefits.

Please come back to visit as we update the website with more pictures of the dogs we've rescued and the ones currently with us.  

About Canine Connection

The Canine Connection has been operating in the interest of saving dogs, officially, since 2003.  To date, we have rescued over 760 dogs, pups, and a handful of cats and kittens along the way!  We're located in Gladwin, MI on 10 acres.  The dogs here live in our home with us and have safe and wonderful outside spaces to run and play. The dogs are all fed a species appropriate raw diet for optimal health, which is very important to us. 

Rescue and Sanctuary 

Over the years, we have taken on so many rescues that are not good adoption candidates due to serious health issues or temperament issues, Canine Connection has become as much of a sanctuary for those dogs as it is a rescue for those that will be able to live as good family pets. Because we don't rely on the income from high priced adoptions, the dogs that have found a safe place to land here need the help of donors. 

We do have two dogs that are our beloved pets that were with us a long time. Know that all of the dogs with us are loved and cared every much as these two. 

Please Donate Today

TheCanine Connection is a 501c3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

Team Canine Connection is looking for new members. We currently have 19 members who donate $10 or $20 a month, which is set up through paypal on a monthly recurring basis. The monthly money raised so far has paid for two months of heart medications for 9 dogs with heart disease and also helped with an emergency vet visit. Just click on the Paypal donation button and you can sign up from there! You will receive a membership card, and monthly updates as to how the money was utilized that month. THANKS!

Where your donations go

All of donations go into daily feeding, medicine and veterinary care of the dogs.  Many of the dogs are here long term because of serious health issues that leave them unable to beadopted, since it's more than most people would want to take on. Some dogs are on medication for heart issues, seizures, pain management or cancer treatment.  

Please know that we cannot do this without help. Many people can't adopt another dog, but would like to help some that need help. We appreciate every donation, no matter how small.

Please consider making your donation a recurring donation via Paypal and they will remember for you. This way, a small amount can really add up and help us monthly.

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